Bohemian Fashion Accessories for Summer


As summer approaches, the days of hippie skirts, headbands, and fun colorful jewelry settle in. Girls start dressing for the weather with new-old trends inspired by the 1960’s for another summer this year. While the headbands mimic some of the great styles from the days of Woodstock and summer loving, head bands this season are nothing like the ones your mother wore.

The basic look of the headband is great for summer and adding to a messy bun brings them to a whole new level. The styles incorporate lace trims, turban inspiration, and bright playful summer colors. The head bands look like the styles of many big celebrities, such as Rihanna and Nicole Richie, but sell them at a great price the everyday woman can afford to upgrade her look.

Taking a look at the items we obsess over and here are a few great accessories that you can easily budget into your Summer 2014 upgrade.

  1. Lace Headbands

A cute new way to wear a headband: lace it up! These lace headbands can be more dressed up with a nice cocktail dress, or dressed down with more festival-inspired sundresses. The best part of this mere $18.99 investment is the versatility. Rather than having a piece you can only wear on special occasions, or one that makes you look too much like a sunbathed hippie-type, these headbands can be worn to work as well as the beach.

  1. Turbands

If you love headbands and want to make a bigger statement, turbands are the best way to go. The style varies from a thick band of different colors to a simple color with twisted fabric. With most styles around the $20 mark, you can buy plenty of different styles to suit your mood and outfit!

  1. Bow Headbands

Whether you’re looking to make a big impact with a larger bow, or be more subtle with the smaller bows, there’s a bow headband for everyone. This look, made most notable by Rihanna, can look great with a plethora of outfit looks, or can keep your hair back while you’re sunbathing in a bikini.

  1. Bohemian Beaded Bracelets

For any Woodstock enthusiast or music festival veteran, these bracelets are a must-have. The small beads give great detail and color to an ensemble without being over the top in either look or price. Most of these bracelets cost around $25, making them an easy-to-afford accent to any look.

  1. Mint Jewelry

This summer, mint is becoming one of the top colors to throw into a wardrobe. If you want to try out the color but don’t want to plunge into a mint maxi dress, adding the color in accessories is a great way to go. If you’re looking to be subtle, there are great bangle bracelets that come in the cool mint green. For a bigger statement, dew drop, tear drop and more styles in necklaces are available for purchase.

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