Planning For A Sober Bride’s Bachelorette Party On A Budget



Putting a party together for a good friend can be tricky, especially when that friend is a bride. When she’s in recovery, making sure the party is something she’s completely comfortable with is imperative, so it will take a bit more planning than your average night out with the girls.


Fortunately, there are many different ways to have a bachelorette party, and they don’t all have to include bar-hopping or mimosas. Think outside the box for ways you can help the bride have a memorable, fun day while keeping the cost down. You might consider all the things she has an interest in, such as sports, fashion, or art; if she’s a foodie, plan for a day of tastings at her favorite restaurant.


For more tips on how to plan the best bachelorette party for the sober bride in your life--without breaking the bank--read on.


Take her sobriety into consideration


It’s important to remember that an individual in recovery may have very specific needs as far as being in public or attending events. Certain places--or even people--can trigger negative memories or the need to engage in substance abuse, so it’s imperative to get an okay from the bride-to-be before booking anything.


Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that there are no temptations present at the party. Bachelorette parties don’t have to include alcohol, so don’t feel pressured to have it around because you think the guests will expect it. Making sure the bride is comfortable and feels safe is your main priority. For more on how you can help make the party a healthy situation for a bride in recovery, read on here.


Stay local


Keeping the party local rather than having a destination event means that not only will you save money, but you can be more in control of the party itself. Destination events sometimes include complimentary alcoholic beverages, and often, the atmosphere in places like Las Vegas or Miami isn’t conducive to someone who is in recovery. Keep the party local by booking a spa day for everyone, or have a picnic at a local park, complete with lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. Set up a gorgeous tablescape on theme with the wedding colors or the bride’s favorite book, movie, or fairy tale.


Get silly


You don’t have to spend a fortune on a party for everyone to have fun; think about setting up a scavenger hunt and divide the group into teams. Send each group around town and have them take photos of themselves to prove they were there, and have prizes for the winner and runner-up. Don’t be afraid to get silly and have fun!


Have a sleepover


One great way to have a sober party is to arrange a sleepover. Invite all the guests to a slumber party and have plenty of snacks, soda, juice, and water on hand; rent some scary movies or romantic comedies and have a gab fest in the living room, where everyone can relax in their jammies and sleeping bags.


Pool party!


If you have a pool or live in an apartment complex and have access to one, consider having a pool party. Throw on some music, make some poolside-friendly snacks, and provide the sunblock and floppy hats. Not only is this option budget-friendly, but everyone loves a day in the pool, and it will give the bride a chance to relax and spend time with her friends.


Remember that this day is all about the bride-to-be. Let her guide the way when it comes to choosing the destination if you don’t feel comfortable making it a surprise, and talk to the guests about what will be expected of everyone beforehand in regards to keeping the party dry. The more communication, the better.


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